Promotions & Offers

 Every member who join Will be able to level up based on how Many tasks he finish per day , as reward From fiverslikers we will give you spichal Discount to buy any services on Fiverslikers as the higher you get in level The higher you will have a discount

Fiverslikers will offer badges on each level You made on , these Badges will unlock functions and features For you to use on website for free

We also provide vouchers of 100k likes or Follows or tweets or even comments as Rewards for levels

Requesting Chqiues

You can request your cash of your wallet Anytime as long as it meets the minimum Value of check (20$) .We will transfare Your cash through paypal or by sending You check to your address.

Please update your profile page and  Make sure to write your name as written in Your valid passport , as well to update Your Mail which used on paypal for Register.

If you have any inquery about requesting Your check please contact

Completing Tasks

When you complete task assignd under Your account name , you will be paid Instantly as your wallet will reflect your New earn every time you finish a task assignd to you.
Please make sure you check your email And your notification inbox everyday so you Can response to assignd task on our dashboard .

Using fiverslikers is tottaly free there is no Fees required to use any membership Services a part from using external Services

You have different workspaces in your Account please make sure to check all the Workspaces location in your Work Now Menu in dashboard