Fiverslikers.com is a new concept of member based marketplace where users trade likes/follows/views and comments on major social      networks to boost their presence or exposure. The marketplace brings together interested parties (businesses or individuals) “buyers” who are interested to boost their social media presence with members of the site who have accounts on these services. The buyer places their interest in certain amount of media interaction (likes or page views for example), the fiverslikers.com acts as intermediary forwarding these offers to its members. Members bid on these by pledging their service (a comment, a like a page view and so on,This way interested parties can obtain legitimate traffic or human comments on their respective pages for a fee paid to fiverslikers.com On other hand, each member of fiverslikers.com receives a certain amount points for acting on these requests, as points accumulate they can be used to exchange for cash or services on the site.
At the same time members can act as their own salesmen by bringing their own “buyers” on the site using referral links.
While fiverslikers.com is acting an intermediary in between both parties it will also act as a limited social hub. As members bid and perform services they will gain reputation which will unlock additional services on the site (for example members who achieve level 2 will be able to chat with each other), the more points the person accumulate on their account the more services they will unlock.


Buyer Process

Interested party (Buyer) requests social interaction
Buyer Deposits funds with fiverlikers.com
Admin reviews request and approves it
Request shared with FiversLikers.com member base
Members perform actions on this requet earning points
Request completed
Funds added to FiversLikers.com pull of funds
Member Process
Memebr signs up
Member acts upon feed of requests
Member invites his own buyers
Member earns points
Points converted to cash or services
Payments sent using approved providers

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